Sunday, March 1, 2009

American Idol: Semi-Finals, Week 2 (2009)

Adam gets no satisfaction from Simon

Adam Lambert has mad vocal skills. During performance night, he ended "Satisfaction" with a high pitched sonic wail that left judge Kara DioGuardi bamboozled.

Simon Cowell, on the other hand, was not wholly pleased. "There were parts that were excruciatingly bad and parts that were brilliant. This is going to be one of those love it or hate it performances."

"Love it!" shouted someone from the crowd. And so did everyone—except, of course, Simon.


Ron Centeno said...

:-) Nothings changed, I guess. Simon is always known to burst someones He hates strong personalities, probably because he does not want anone above him. Hehehe!

His personality though makes the show more interesting.

Unknown said...

dito na lang ako kukuha ng update. busy talaga at hindi ko na mahabol ang AI. salamat sa update.

Visual Velocity said...

the donG: Q air replays every Saturdays and Sundays, 4pm yata or 5pm. Try to catch the show; they have interesting constestants this year. Si Simon ganun pa rin itsura; hindi yata nagpapalit ng damit yun eh. Haha.

dreamwalker said...

I chanced upon this show last Saturday, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it! Adam is one heck of a performer. That fake redhead was awesome, too!

Thor Bee said...

Bring back Tatiana! :p I need someone to hate in this show. Hahaha.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor: No need to bring her back, the show already has Paula and Simon — I hate them both. I used to like Simon, but now he's been getting on my nerves. Did you watch last week's episode? Norman/Nick called him "Sucky Pants." Ehehehe.

dreamwalker: I love Alison too! And yes, Adam is really good!

jayclops said...

I don't like Adam. He's showmanship is somehow misplaced and over the top it literally screams at you in the face, but let's see. I like Alison so far and Danny.

Visual Velocity said...

jayclops: Awww, I like Adam...he's my favorite! I like Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, and Mishavonna Henson too! And even though Stevie Wright screwed up a couple of weeks back, I love her to bits, ehehe.

Danny Gokey, I think, is overrated.

What do you think of the new judge, Kara DioGuardi?

Raft3r said...

akala ko jonas brother sya

look what i found!!!

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Ahahahahahaha! Swear to god, you're the best! Alam mo, tama ka; mukha nga siyang Jonas Brother, ehehehehe!

RE: Pepe and Pilar-> OH. MY. GOD. Ehehehehe! Winner!

Mahal naman nun, $8.99... Outright robbery na 'to ah! :p

Raft3r said...

mura na yon
balak ko ngang patulan, eh
di ko trip si maricel and gabby
but that movie rocks my world

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: I'm really bad in math, so I'll use my calculator, ehehe. So that's $8.99 multiplied by PhP49.


You're right, mura nga! Dude, you have to buy it. Balitaan mo ko kung may special features yung disc. Ehehe.

Raft3r said...

pakiramndam ko nga vcd lang yan na transferred to dvd format, eh

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Baka nga, I haven't tried buying Regal DVDs though. Meron ako 2 or 3 Viva DVDs. The quality is not that good. Patay tayo jan. Ehehe.

Ron Centeno said...

Hi Andy,

Dropped by to check on your new post. It must have been really something controversial.

There's always a solution to a problem my friend.

looks like my first comment there has so much typo. Hehehehe! I apologize.

gillboard said...

not that excited with the contestants this year... parang ang jojologs... ewan ko...

The Scud said...

i haven't watched any of the AI sf episodes. dang! nakakalimutan ko kasi. sina gokey, anoop, and alex pa lang ang napanood ko na gusto ko. and my bets always get into the top 3. hehe..

same as jayclops, i dont like lambert. peace!

dreamwalker said...

Pepe & Pilar, lol...I had a pair of lovebirds when I was about 5, I think, and I named them Pepe and Pilar.

Visual Velocity said...

The Scud: Alexis is okay; powerful voice for such a petite young lady — walang sinabi si Tatiana. Sayang you weren't able to watch Adam and Alison's batch; mas maraming magagaling dun.

Have you youTubed Nick/Norman's performance? Inis na inis si Simon dun, ehehe.

Visual Velocity said...

Ron Centeno: It's okay, sometimes I make typos myself. :-)

dreamwalker: No comment, ehehehe. :p

Raft3r said...

i have sigaw and mulawin, go figure...
syempre pati my best friend's girlfriend

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Sigaw? Maganda daw yun ah! Ni-remake yun sa States di ba?

Kamusta yung My Best Friend's Girlfriend? Pang Oscars ba yung performance ni Marian dun? Ehehe. Nakita ko ata trailer nun; ang natatandaan ko may scene dun na lumabas siya sa dambuhalang cake.

The Scud said...

andy, you should watch sigaw. ganda! i remember watching it in my tita's house, alone, at midnight, and the lights turned off. eerie.

Visual Velocity said...

The Scud: The lights went off? And you were alone in the house? Oh man, that's creepy. Kung ako siguro yun napraning na ko.

Gusto ko nga mapanood yang Sigaw kaya lang wala ako makitang kopya. On the look out pa rin ako hanggang ngayon. Pati Rachel Getting Married bokya pa rin; wala ako makitang kopya.

Jerick said...

i thought adam lambert's rendition of "Satisfaction" sounded like "Proud Mary" to me!

Visual Velocity said...

Thor: Drama Queen Tatiana Del Toro is going back for the Wild Card Round. Your wish has been granted. This is your fault. :p

The Scud: We'll be seeing more of Anoop Desai. Yay!

Thor Bee said...

Ahahaha! I knew it! She's my VFTW favorite. *Though I'm sure I'll be screaming at my TV every time she comes on to sing)* :p Will have to wait for the reruns this weekend though.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor: Come performance night, will she be pensive and calm or histrionic and loony? o_O

I bet she'll be singing another Whitney Houston number. :p

Anonymous said...

i do not watch AI this season but my sister does and i caught a glimpse of this performance. yun nga narinig ko yung sabi niya half and half LOL ano ba naman yun can't make up his mind.

Visual Velocity said...

prinsesamusang: What's good about Simon is he's sensible (unlike Paula) and his critique is blunt and direct-to-the-point (unlike Paula's, ehehe).

I don't like the way he plays favorites though. He's a judge for chrissakes — he shouldn't be doing that.

And yeah, his ego is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Ibang level 'tong taong 'to. :p

Raft3r said...

sigaw is awesome
unfortunately, panira yun starlet na kasali don

echo ang title ny sa hillywood version
may blogspot din sya

happy weekend, andy!

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Sayang nga wala ng balita dun sa Hollywood version ng Sigaw. Ewan ko kung anong nangyari dun; bigla na lang naglaho. Ni hindi pa yata napapalabas ng malawakan; puro lang ata sa film festivals.

The Scud said...

ayos si raft3r ah. tinawag na starlet si locsin. hehe.

andy, sinadya ko patayin ung ilaw. hehe. trip2x lang. i read, i think in a forum, that Echo will be released straight to dvd. di siguro nakakuha ng distributor?

Visual Velocity said...

The Scud: Sayang kung walang nakuhang distributor yung Echo. Positive reviews pa naman yung film; break na sana ni Iza yun abroad.

Thor Bee said...

On AI: "I will sing for your, America!" Tatiana makes me giggle, crazy giggles like hers. Uh-oh. "Stay on her knees" bit was classic.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor: Ehehehe, I love the "I will sing for your, America!"

And yeah, the kneeling part. I know I shouldn't feel kinky, but I feel kinky every time I remember that. :p

Seriously though, my heart broke when she was eliminated. I actually feel sorry for her. Poor girl.

Thor Bee said...

Yeah, kawawa din siya. I don't know why they liked Jasmine. She's too "commercial." I still would've preferred Tatiana, singing wise. The antics are a huge bonus though. Sayang.

Oman said...

di ko rin nasusubaybayan ngayon AI unlike before na lahat ng performance ni carrie underwood at melinda doolittle eh napapanood ko. pero i have seen some performances sa youtube and i think my fave this batch is lil rounds.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor: Jasmine's singing voice is okay, but she really bores me to death. She's so bland. Yung smile niya at personality bagay pang beauty pageant — all sparkle, no warmth. And she has this perennial problem with song choice, just like that girl in Season 5, Lisa Tucker.

Were you able to watch Felicia Barton? I love her version of "No One." Galing! Weird nga eh, ni hindi man lang siya sinama sa Wild Card round. Tama ba yun?

Visual Velocity said...

Lawstude: I like Melinda Doolittle too. Galing kumanta, palaging perfect — pro na pro. Ganun din si Lil Rounds, she's very consistent. From her audition, to Hollywood week to the semi-finals, she proved that she's a force to be reckoned with.

Anonymous said...

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Thor Bee said...

On Jasmine and Lisa: Very Disney ready. Let's include Jasmine Trias here na rin. I'm getting a theme park vibe.

On Felicia: I almost forgot about her. Love the grainy undercurrent of her voice. Galing nga ng No One niya. And I also liked the Joan Jett look.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor: Jasmine looks like Brandy. Yeah, I agree with your Disney comment. Swear to god, these people would do well in High School Musical 4.

sparkzspot: Thanks for posting! I appreciate it! =)

Ash said...

Interesting discussion!

Visual Velocity said...

Ash: I love your Bristol pictures! Nice! =)

Admin said...

I hope I have time to watch this...
Busy kasi ako e....

Raft3r said...

totoo naman, ah

starlet talaga sya
nasan na ba sya ngayon?
nasa kangkungan na yata, eh

pero seriously
astig yun sigaw

yun the echo naman yata
wala pa rin distributor until now

it's frustrating
chance na sana natin yun para mapakita ang galing ng pinoy

balita baka straight to video release na sya

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Ehehehehehe! Oo nga 'no, part pala siya ng cast ng Sigaw? Sino ba sa kanilang dalawa ni Iza yung lead role dun, at sino yung support? Honest answer Raft3r ha, baka mamaya biased commentary nanaman ibigay mo, ehehe.

May nakita akong VCD copy ng Sigaw sa Video City. You know how much it costs? 301 pay-sus man, 301 pay-sus! I was like, "Huwhaaat?! I'm not paying 301 pay-sus for a bloody VCD, man!"

Tell me though, is it really worth it? 'Cause if it is, I'll buy it.

Uy, naka-hanap na pala ako ng The Brave One! Jackpot!

Thor Bee said...

I just saw the trailer of The Echo at (I am like Dr. Manhattan, the past and the future is fluid.)

Now also wondering why it was shelved for theater release. Trailer looked better than, uhm, PULSE remake.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor: Yeah, it's a shame The Echo is going straight to DVD. Sayang, mejo okay pa naman daw yung film.

Finally saw the Project Runway episode where that woman what's-her-face used saliva to mark her fabric. Heidi Klum's reaction is classic; she was like, "From what planet are you from again?"

Holy kamolie. Ehehehehe.

Raft3r said...

sya yun bida at si richard

si iza yun "sigaw"

i think she plays locsin's role in the hollywood version

mahilig kasi ako sa horror, eh

maganda yun kwento at cinematography nya

i have it on dvd

mahal yun vcd nya, ha
dapat bargain na yan
laos na yun bida, eh

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Okay pa naman siya, dami nga nyang billboard sa Edsa. Uy, talo si Marian Rivera, pano ba yan? Ehehehehe.

I wanna see these two women mud wrestle! A la celebrity death match ang gusto ko, with crowbars, barbwires, and jackhammers. Hehe!

Thor Bee said...

Some of Elisa's, okay, MOST of her designs are fugly, too! Hehe.

Who's your favorite so far? I like Jillian (sp?) the most. I don't buy Raimi's draping fetish.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor Balanon: I've only seen three episodes; I'm not yet very familiar with the contestants... So far I like Victorya Hong. She's Giorgio Armani meets Rai Kawakubo — elegance with a twist.

And I like Rami Kashou too. Hehehe.

That Christian guy really bothers me: the hair, the glasses, the voice, the attitude. Argh.

I browsed through Project Runway in Wikipedia today and I accidentally found out how far Christian will go in the competition. I was like, WTF?! WTF?!

Thor Bee said...

Christian impressed the judges so much in the haute couture challenge, I don't think they ever got over it. It was a great collection though. Ive seen his 2008 Fall line and it was even better than Michael Kors'. But that's not really saying a lot. Heh.

I loved loved loved Jillian's collection though. Very edgy. Alexander McQueen meets equestrianism.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor Balanon: Christian is very talented, but I can't get over his attitude.

Yeah, Michael Kors is such a bore. I like Lagerfeld; he's a god.

Hey, did you watch the Michael Jackson episode of A.I.? Paula was all over Kris Allen; not physically, but she smothered him with praises. Ehehe.

Thor Bee said...

Not yet, though I'm looking forward to theme. Might just EZTV it tonight.

Did you watch last year's X Factor, it's like the UK equivalent of AI; Simon's also a judge along with Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud), Dani Minogue (Whoda?) and the producer of Westlife, I forget his name.

I also loved their Michael Jackson. One of their contestants, Diana Vickers, who's very Kate Nash-ish, did a wonderful job on "Man in the Mirror."

Thor Bee said...

*Michael Jackson theme*

We should just chat, it would be easier. Heh. Do you plurk?

Visual Velocity said...

Thor Balanon: Kris Allen did "Man in the Mirror" a couple of weeks ago. Sige, I'll Google Diana Vickers' version.

Unfortunately, I haven't tried Plurking yet. I'm so out of the loop. I don't even have Friendster and that thing called Facebook. My friends are like, "Huwhaaat?! You don't have Facebook?" And I'm like, "Yeah." Ehehe.

Thor Bee said...



Finally saw some performances from last night. Alexis and Allison, bad song choices. Who sings the gawd-awful Dirty Diana? Megan was uhm-kay.

The guys FTW! Adam and Danny were great though I'm now getting a Taylor Hick's vibe from Danny, with the flailing hands and all. Okay din si Matt, or maybe I just love the Human Nature song.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor Balanon: What on earth was Alexis wearing?! Sabagay, Dirty Diana yung kanta niya, ehehe.

Anoop gave "Beat It" a boy band feel. I'm not too sure if that's good though. At least, he has personality — unlike that Jasmine woman, ehehe.

Off topic: Victorya Hong is nasty. Sayang Jack Mackenroth quit the show.

Raft3r said...

sya mismo nagbayad ng mga billboards nya

btw, why is there a 4th judge on the show and who is she?
sikat ba sya?
although, mas hot sya di hamak ke abdul

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Wow, sya nag bayad ng mga billboards nya sa EDSA? Yaman naman nun; ma-utangan nga! Ehehehe.

Kara DioGuardi yung pangalan nung bagong judge dread sa A.I. I've never heard of her, pero sabi nila
American singer-songwriter/record producer daw siya. She previously collaborated with Celine Dion, Paula Abdul, and Kili-Kili Clarkson. Ehehe.

They got her to boost the show's rating. Dami pang ibang changes sa A.I.: ginawa nilang Top 13 instead of 12 and binigyan nila ng veto power yung mga judge dreads.

Thor Bee said...

JASMINE'S OUT! Woohoo! *Snoopy dance of joy*

Visual Velocity said...

Thor Balanon: Don't get too excited; they might bring her back.... Mega knock on wood.


Thor Bee said...

Mr. Briones: Nooooooo! Heh. Loved Kelly's performance.

Looks like AI is following the X Factor format this season. Kulang na lang, the judges choose contestants to train.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor Balanon: Finally, Jasmine showed vulnerability when she was eliminated — she actually cried. If she did that before, if she wore her heart on her sleeve instead of being too poised and guarded, she would've fared well in the competition.

Too late for that, ehehe.

Thor Bee said...

Andy: Yeah, look at how far the crying got Jasmine Trias. As early as now, I'm predicting that Adam and Danny will fight it out in the finale.

Visual Velocity said...

Thor, RE: Project Runway — that WWE challenge is fierce!

As in Holy-Mary-Mother-of-God kind of fierce!

Good Lord! Ehehehehe!