Saturday, January 26, 2013

Essential Quotes: 2012

"Everything is a risk. Walking out of your house in the morning is a risk."
Marc Webb (Little White Lies, 2012)

- • -
George Clooney: I grew up in Kentucky. We had drive-in theaters and I remember watching Last Tango in Paris, and it’s still amazing to me that they did Last Tango in Paris at a drive-in. In Kentucky. You can imagine.
Christopher Plummer: What an erotic state that is!
George Clooney: Look at that sheep!
Newsweek, January 23, 2012

- • -

On Colin Farrell's eyebrows: "Those eyebrows pretty much live in their own ZIP code."
Jessica Biel  ("The Blood, Sweat, and Tears of Colin Farrell," Details, November 2012)

- • -

“When you work in a different language, your emotional state changes. In Spanish, my mother language, words not only have the meaning they have, they also have a personal meaning. For me, it is more difficult to say ‘Te quiero’ than ‘I love you.’ ”
Antonio Banderas ("Best Performances," W, February 2012)

- • -

"In great art, the more you find out, the deeper the mystery is."
Guy Maddin (Little White Lies, 2012)

- • -

"If you see a thing which you call 'sad,' you find beauty immediately. In the middle of the big sadness, you could find something which is truly beautiful."
Bela Tarr ("The Last Laugh," Little White Lies, 2012)

- • -

"The weather of England is in me. I will never lose those clouds and gray skies."
Gary Oldman ("Best Performances," W, February 2012)

- • -

"There was a wonderful old cinema called the Lumiere. It was underground like a whale's stomach. You used to go down those stairs into this cave and the movie would finish and you'd climb the stairs into the light and noise of the street. That is an amazing thing to me, that feeling of pure inspiration. Now it's a fucking gym. That's modern life."
Steve McQueen (Little White Lies, 2012)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Actor of the Year: Tom Hardy

"If I am duly compared to Marlon Brando at all, well, I can only think of The Teahouse of the Shanghai Noon. That, they're comparing me to that!"

Quote from "A Candid Tom Hardy at Cannes on Beards, Beer, Batman, and Brando" by Kyle Buchanan

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolutions for a Better Year

Resolutions are meant to be broken. Here's a new set for 2013.

Movie inspiration: The Perks of Being a Wallflower Resolution: Spend more time with friends Level of difficulty: Going out with homies on a regular basis will require a steady flow of cash. Public parks are not an option.

Movie inspiration: Cloud Atlas Resolution: Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Level of difficulty: It's no fun going to the loo every 15 minutes.

Movie inspiration: Cosmopolis Resolution: Come up with a decent haircut. Level of difficulty: High. I've never had a decent haircut.

Movie inspiration: Killing Them Softly Resolution: Be more assertive. Level of difficulty: Achievable, but it's like asking a cat to take a shower.

Movie inspiration: Les Misérables Resolution: Be proactive. Start by reading the newspaper. Level of difficulty: I've never been political.

Movie inspiration: Looper Resolution: Finish at least four books every month. Level of difficulty: I love reading, but it easily wears me out.

Movie inspiration: Moonrise Kingdom Resolution: Follow instructions. Level of difficulty: When the door says "pull," I push; when it says "push," I pull.

Movie inspiration: Seven Psychopaths Resolution: Learn to hug people. Level of difficulty: It depends on who I'm supposed to hug.

Movie inspiration: Skyfall Resolution: Fight back. Don't be a doormat. Level of difficulty: I'll start by beefing up. Watch out, you.

Movie inspiration: The Master Resolution: Eye cream won't do. Get enough rest/sleep. Level of difficulty: Impossible.