Sunday, August 12, 2012

LEGO's Catwoman Catcycle City Chase

Diamonds are a a cat's best friend. In LEGO's Catwoman Catcycle City Chase, Selina speeds away on her micro scooter after stealing a fist-sized diamond. Hot on her heels is a grim, jetpack-wearing Batman.

The toy box set contains a street corner, brown boxes, a newspaper stand and two mini figures: Batman and Catwoman. They're actually cute, most especially Batman with his trusty jetpack. Catwoman's Catcycle takes the cake, though. It looks like a beefed up, steroid-injected Vespa scooter. To stress that women mean business, an unforgiving whip is lodged at the motorcycle's rear end. Take that, Batman!


Raft3r said...

this is so cool
i want one

locally available ba ire?

Visual Velocity said...

Denoy Eusebio: Hindi ko sigurado, kung meron baka bumili ako, haha. Hindi ko pa nachi-check sa Shang. Maraming shops dun na nagtitinda ng Lego. Sana meron. :P

Raft3r said...

wala sa toy kingdom

Visual Velocity said...

Denoy Eusebio: Try mo yung toy shop sa Shang; baka meron sila. Kung wala, online na lang. Ilabas na ang mahiwagang credit card. :D