Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

An irrevocable curse, a laser-zapping serial killer and zombies — gay zombies. Who wouldn't be interested in a movie like Zombadings: Patayin sa shokot si Remington?

Jade Castro's gay themed horror film closed this year's Cinemalaya, attracting a bevy of eager moviegoers.

In the movie, Remington (played by acting dynamo Mart Escudero) overcomes his prejudice when he experiences first hand what it's like to be gay.

Just like Remington, most of the gay characters in the movie are stereotypes — cardboard cutouts of people made for the silver screen. They walk, speak and act the same way.

Pigeonholes, together with the movie's blunt humor, give the movie an air of crudeness and inconsideration. People with strong opinions about gender issues: steer clear.

Because Zombadings is a parody of the gay/horror movie genre, watch it with a grain of salt. Suppress your inner Roger Ebert and avoid over analyzing the movie's sociological significance. Accept it for what it is and enjoy Mart Escudero's acting chops. This kid’s bursting with talent.

There’s a new Eugene Domingo in the house, and he’s male.

Release date August 31, 2011 (Philippines) Director Jade Castro Cast Mart Escudero, Janice de Belen, Eugene Domingo Scene-stealer Roderick Paulate. Stellar as always. Essential Onscreen Weaponry The serial killer's laser gun slash gaydar Verdict Nonstop laughs and witty banter from the talented ensemble make Zombadings worth watching.


Axel said...

parang ayoko atang makagat ng zombing yan.. magiging bading na zombie din ako.. wag na!!! hahaha

Visual Velocity said...

Axel: Ewan ko sa yo :P Nood ka sa August 31. Enjoy naman yung movie, heheh

Raft3r said...

is it true? nadyan si marian?

Visual Velocity said...

Raft3r: Wala, baka sa sequel raw. :P