Thursday, December 29, 2011

Essential Magazine Covers: 2011

He produced and directed a documentary (Saturday Night), smooched Sean Penn in Gus Van Sant's Milk (2008), wrote fiction (Palo Alto), dabbled in hosting (twice for "Saturday Night Live" and once for the Academy Awards), took an MFA in Columbia University's writing program, and capped 2010 by posing as a transvestite for photographer Terry Richardson on the cover of Candy—a fashion magazine for transsexuals. 

A fearless subject, a maverick, and a photographer's darling,  he was featured in several magazine covers. The most notorious is the one he did for Flaunt, a progressive magazine known for its dual covers. Scroll down for a preview. 

Before doing so, check out some of this year's most memorable magazine covers.

. 1 .
Alexander Skarsgard 
Interview, June 2011

. 2 .
Penélope Cruz
V, July 2011

 . 3 .
Robert Pattinson
Vanity Fair, April 2011

. 4 .
The New Yorker, 17 January 2011

. 5 .
Granta, summer 2011

. 6 .
Alexander Skarsgård
Out, November 2011

. 7 .
Freida Pinto
Interview, August 2011

. 8 .
James Franco
Flaunt, 2011


The Scud said...

ang ganda ng magazine covers ni skarsgard! at panalo tlg itong si james franco. gagayahin ko yan at gawing profile pic sa fb ko. hahaha.

happy new year!

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