Saturday, January 21, 2012

Essential Movies: 2011

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, youTube asked fans to film a day in their lives. The videos were shot on the same day, July 24, 2010, and they followed the three themes set by the producers: 1. "What's your story?" 2. "What have you got in your pockets?" and 3. "What do you fear?"

Film editor Joe Walker and his team edited 4,500 hours of footage into a two-hour movie. The resulting documentary, directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) and produced by Ridley Scott (AlienGladiator), is an eye-opener: an amalgam of the hopes, dreams and aspirations of people from the four corners of the world.

Life in a Day is a fitting end (and a great beginning) to a New Year that will, fingers crossed, be better for everybody.

2011 was a memorable year for Cinemalaya, local stalwart of independent filmmaking. Festival goers were treated to a deluge of unforgettable showstoppers including Jade Castro's likable ghoulish horror romp (Zombadings 1: Patayin sa shokot si Remington), Benito Bautista's understated thriller (Boundary) and Alvin Yapan's exquisite opus (Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa).

Of course, 2011 wouldn't be complete without Raya Martin's psychedelic time caper (Buenas noches, España), Wim Wenders' kinetic dance-fest (Pina) and this year's best martial arts movie (Peter Chan's stylized Wu xia).  

Here's to risque movies, maverick filmmakers and ballsy actors willing to cut their paycheck for independent filmmaking. Bottoms up.


Désolé Boy said...

I wish you'd see A Separation. It's my pick for Oscar Best Foreign Language Film.

Visual Velocity said...

Désolé Boy: Critics have been raving about it. Hope to see it one of these days; can't find a copy yet. I hope it does well at this year's Oscars.

citybuoy said...

Where can I watch Life in a Day? The premise seems so interesting.

Visual Velocity said...

citybuoy: You can watch the entire film sa youTube. The best part is, libre. :D