Friday, September 7, 2012

BreadTalk's Hello Kitty Cake

It's cute, winsome and furball free. It has two flavors: vanilla chiffon with either strawberry or mango filling, and chocolate chiffon filled with chocolate ganache. I got the latter.

It's a very strange cake. If you cross a bread roll with a cake, this is how it would taste like. It has a very unique texture and an "almost there" sweetness. I kept waiting for the sweetness I was expecting to hit me. It wasn't there on the first bite and it wasn't there at the ganache core either. It was actually nowhere in sight. Children (for whom the cake was made) will be disappointed. People averse to sugar will rejoice. Don't be surprised if you find it underwhelming on your first try.

I'm thinking this is how pastry would taste like in Japan: quirky with just a smidgen of sweetness. Book me a ticket, will you?


Teacher Pogi said...

magjapan tayo next weekend!

kumusta ser. bat bigla kang nawala? :) isang linggo kang naghanap ng hello kitty cake? lols

Visual Velocity said...

Overthinker Palaboy: Mahirap hanapin ang Hello Kitty cake. Very rare. At nangangalmot. lolst

Raft3r said...

ke hello kitty lang sila nag-focus, hindi sa lasa

Visual Velocity said...

Denoy Eusebio: Hindi pang Pinoy ang lasa, pero puwede na rin. Mejo mahal nga lang. Ang kuripot ko. :D

Oman said...

Pag ganyan ang caka nakakahinayang kainin kasi ang ganda :)

Visual Velocity said...

Oman: Oo nga, maganda nga yung presentation. Mejo mahal nga lang, hehe