Friday, November 30, 2012

Slumber Party (2012)

The year 2010 is notable for a number of reasons. The Manila Police District took the heat for the Rizal Park hostage-taking incident and Venus Raj placed fourth in Miss U. These two events shaped writer/director Emmanuel Dela Cruz's insanely funny movie, Slumber Party. Expect lots of screaming, a tense hostage drama and a glittery DIY beauty pageant.

Set on the eve of the Miss Universe competition, close friends Phi, Elle and Jhana decide to do a "vigil." That "vigil" includes applying a fairly generous amount of makeup, wearing evening gowns, and doing a mock competition called "Kamuning's Next Top Model."

The punchlines are relentless in Slumber Party. Its quick wit, sharp dialogue and rollicking slapstick are endearing. It helps that the film is buoyed by a wonderful ensemble of committed actors. Markki Stroem is perfect as the arrogant clotheshorse Elle, scene-stealer Niño Muhlach makes an engaging, iron-willed Kapitana and funny man Archie Alemania (Jhana) gives a side-splitting performance as the movie's resident free-loader. Long after the end credits roll down, you'll remember his lip-smacking pout and micro mini shorts.


Archieviner VersionX said...

Mukhang masaya eto :P

Visual Velocity said...

Archieviner: Ay, sobrang kwela tong Slumber Party! Wagi!

The Scud said...

is it really that good? di kasi impressive yung trailer for me.

ano pa napanood mo?

Visual Velocity said...

The Scud: It's very likable, parang Zombadings. I also saw Baybayin and Paglalakbay ng mga Bituin. I saw all three yesterday. Maganda lineup ng Cinema One ngayon.