Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ang Nawawala (2012)

Ang Nawawala has the pulse and sheen of a foreign movie. Of all the films in Cinemalaya, director Marie Jamora's coming of age rockathon is the most technically accomplished. Finally, a movie without shrieking roosters and earsplitting tricycles blaring in the background has arrived. 

Jamora is a savvy filmmaker and she plays to her strengths. Years of directing short films and music videos (40 as of last count) paid off.  Ang Nawawala is solid, cohesive and glossy. Elements perfectly complement each other—editing, production design and music are all faultless. 

Beyond its technical merits, Ang Nawawala offers nothing new that we haven't seen before. It doesn't have the emotional resonance of Vincent Sandoval's Aparisyon nor the scope of Loy Arcenas' Requieme!. What it does have is an irrevocable coolness factor which many viewers will find appealing—irresistible even. It may not win best picture (leave that to the big shots), but it will definitely win in the box office, which in the end, is just as important as the latter.     


the scud said...

one of my big 3 new breeds! what's your take on diablo?

Raft3r said...

aba, aba

pero kung nilagay pa nila si marian dyan
panigurado ang box office appeal ng pelikula

Visual Velocity said...

the scud: I love Diablo! Hindi ko nga lang napanood yung middle part. Yung beginning and end, napanood ko, hehe. Long story, nilagare ko kasi CCP at Greenbelt. Nanood ka ng awards night? Ang weird ng mga nanalo. :-D

Denoy Eusebio: Masyadong mataas talent fee ni M., baka hindi nila ma-afford. :P

the scud said...

nag-live streaming lang ako. i didn't mind diablo winning kasi madaming critics naman ang nagsabi na maganda raw. but posas over kalayaan?

i didn't like diablo pala. i was so bored. hikab ako ng hikab when i was watching tas katabi ko pa si ama!

what did you like about it?

Visual Velocity said...

the scud: Yung script, I found it funny and weird at the same time. Mahilig ako sa mga ganung klase, yung may pagka-weird. Pero hindi ko gusto yung editing at photography. Mejo na-shock rin ako na-nanalo si Ama. Completely unexpected. I was expecting one of the women from Aparisyon would win.

the scud said...

it won for cinematography, right? i thought aparisyon or sta nina was better. ang katiwala had beautiful shots too.

i don't have any beef on the acting awards except for joross. sana they gave it to anthony falcon na lang. i thought king was really good in oros. i was hoping dominic roco would win. ang endearing lang ng performance nya.

but i still can't get over why diablo won. hahaha. the gf leaving the house in the middle of the night tas di man lang hinatid nung prodigal son. lol.

Visual Velocity said...

the scud: Nakakatawa yung girlfriend. Ginawang caregiver, haha. Yung mga ganung moments kaya ko gusto yung Diablo. Pero I was expecting talaga na REquieme! mananalo for best picture, tapos jury's choice yung Diablo. Baliktad yata nangyari. Nagulat rin ako sa Munting Lihim at Camera Obscura. Aba-aba, hehe. I agree with you re: Falcon. I was rooting for him to win supporting actor/actress.

Visual Velocity said...

the scud: Sorry, na-typo ako. Supporting actor pala, hehe

the scud said...

i was hoping any of my big four to win best film: ang nawawala, aprisyon, sta nina, requieme. wala man lang tumama. haha.

do you know na mes de guzman is not new breed? he has directed more than 5 films na yata. sabi nga nila, the new breed best film was really for director's showcase and vice versa.

Visual Velocity said...

the scud: Nagulat nga ako nung nakita kong part ng New Breed si Mes. Pero happy na rin ako for him. At least na-recognize siya by winning this year. Deserving rin naman. Yung Joros hindi ko siguro kung deserving; di ko napanood Intoy Syokoy, hehe

Wait, do you know who the jury were?

the scud said...

yep! bienvenido lumbera, ricky lee, a malaysian filmmaker, and a rome film festival progammer.

have you watched any of mes' films? baka i need to know his background para ma-appreciate yung diablo. lol.

mediocre lang ang syokoy. jm de guzman was good though.

ano faves and not-so faves?

Visual Velocity said...

the scud: Nope, haven't seen any of Mes' previous films. First ko yung Diablo. Katabi mo si Ama nung nanood ka? Buti hindi ka niya kinurot ng inaantok ka na, haha

• I like: REquime!, Diablo, Sta. Nina, Bwakaw
• Okay lang for me: Aparisyon, Ang Nawawala
• I don't like: Kalayaan