Sunday, July 22, 2012

Requieme! (2012)

When the lights dimmed and the film started playing, jaws dropped to the carpeted floor of CCP and stayed there. Blame Rody Vera's rip-roaring screenplay. The last time CCP reverberated with glee was during a midnight screening of Jade Castro's Zombadings

Film editor Lawrence Fajardo (Amok) worked his magic and turned Requieme!a biting satire on how Filipinos deal with sexuality, grief and death—into a tight, thoroughly engaging movie. Although there were glitches during the screening (audio kept tuning in and out), that didn't hamper the movie's impact. If Requieme! were a lesser movie, people would have burned the theater to ashes.

Arcenas is developing into a fine filmmaker, displaying a flair for witty, character-driven movies. Society's double standard is none more evident in our country and Arcenas doesn't hold back in showing all its gory, thorny details. 


the scud said...

andun ka rin pala. kaasar ung technical problems no? but the film was hilarious. i pointed the editing to my friend too. ang seamless lang ng transition from one scene to the next.

Visual Velocity said...

the scud,

Magaling nga na editor si Lawrence Fajardo. Bukod yata sa Requieme! meron pa siyang ibang indies na inidit dati.

ShatterShards said...

Mukhang tataas ang expectations ko sa Requieme! I'm watching it Wednesday night. Sana wala nang technical glitch.

Fiction Nostalgia said...

Hmmm. Naintriga ako dito, ha.

Visual Velocity said...

ShatterShards: Sana nga walang technical glitch, hehe. Where are you watching? Greenbelt?

Fiction Nostalgia: Watch na! :-D

Raft3r said...

i like witty movies
pero never ko pa nasubukan ang cinemalaya
may bayad kasi, eh

Visual Velocity said...

Denoy Eusebio: Ito naman, ang laki-laki ng sweldo mo. I'm sure maski panoorin mo lahat ng entries kaya mo. Pautang naman jan. Joke lang, haha