Monday, July 30, 2012

Essential Actors: Cinemalaya 2012

For Gibson (Ang Nawawala), it's pointless speaking unless you really have something good to say. For several years he kept his silence, biding his time, waiting for that perfect moment. 

There's no one more perfect to play Gibson than Dominic Roco: an actor with talent and charisma flowing through his veins. His twin brother, Felix, had his big break three years ago with Pepe Diokno's Engkwentro

The table has turned for Dominic. With Ang Nawawala, 2012 is his for the taking. 

Thai actor Ananda Everingham hardly speaks a word of Tagalog. Director Adolf Alix, on the other hand, has a strong liking for long, wordless sequences. With Kalayaan, a match made in celluloid heaven was made. Alix showcases Everingham's depth and maturity as an actor, proving he's more than just a pin-up boy for needy girls. 

It's amazing watching Everingham do so much without saying anything. His eyes convey what words could not. 


Raft3r said...

is he the guy from shutter?

Visual Velocity said...

Denoy Eusebio: Yup, long hair pa yata siya nun. :D